Hal started on clarinet in 6th grade. By the 7th grade he realized that wasn't cool enough, so he moved over to alto saxophone (thank you, Paul Desmond). By 9th grade, he realized that wasn't cool enough so he played baritone saxophone in the high school stage band. By his first year at U.C.Davis, California, tenor was the place to be. 

Influenced by all the great tenor players in equal shares, he still learns from the masters.

In 2010 he opened Thinman Studios and continues to create and record with both local musicians in the San Francisco Bay Area, and remotely world-wide with producers and musicians.

He has recorded with L.A. singer/songwriter Galimatias on his single "Won't Forget", Netherlands producer Rancido, Italian producer Metroverve (Marco Cesa), L.A. producer Chinsaku, Marga Sol of M-Sol Records, Pilgrims of Stoke,  Austrian musician/producer Marie Therese,  Jenova 7,  and Austin singer/songwriter/producer Bob Cheevers and collaborator Stephen Holsapple.

In 2021, he collaborated with Peter Kaufmann and Wendy Erd, creating Poetic Dreamscapes around readings of their original poems. 

In 2023, he is back in the studio (well, he really never left) creating original jazz, chillout, lofi, and whatever else the muse throws at him. He has been known to come out for dinner on occasion.